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When do schools break up for half-term?

Children in a classroom

Kids across the UK are looking forward to the half-term break (Picture: PA)

It might only seem like five minutes since kids went back to school after Christmas, but the half-term break is already looming.

Yup, they’re all set for another week’s break from school – which could provide a welcome time for you to spend with your little ones – or potentially have to find something to keep them occupied if you can’t take time off work.

It’s the last break they’ll get before Easter – but just when do the schools break up?

Here’s what you need to know about half-term…

When do schools break up for half-term?

While dates may vary in different parts of the country, the majority of students will break up on Friday 14 February.

The half-term runs from Monday 17 February – Friday 21 February, with pupils returning on Monday 23 February.

Children coming out of a school

School’s out…for a week anyway (Picture: Getty Images)

However it’s worth checking the website of your local council to confirm the dates – because as we said, they can vary in places.

Likewise academies, foundation schools and voluntary-aided schools can set their own term calendar, and so their dates may be different too.

When is the Easter holiday?

This year the Easter holidays fall between Monday 6 April and Friday 17 April, with Easter weekend falling from 10-13 April.

However, as with February half-term, exact dates may vary from one school to another.

While some schools may break up on Friday 3 April and return on Monday 20 April, others may break up a day or two earlier and return a day or two later.

If you’re unsure of the exact date your child breaks up and returns from school, then it’s best to contact them directly.

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