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West Ham United boss Manuel Pellegrini ‘not worried’ about rumours of Twitter mole leaking vital team news

West Ham United boss Manuel Pellegrini insists he is not angry about the apparent ‘leaks’ which have been widely reported on Friday.

Twitter account @ExWHUemployee was named in a report by The Times after successfully ‘predicting’ team line-ups before they were officially announced by the club.

Pellegrini not fazed by ‘leaked’ team news rumours

The social media account has 50,600 followers, who are often told the starting line-up well in advance of it being officially published on the club’s channels. And the man behind the account came on talkSPORT and told Jim White he finds the accusations ‘ludicrous’.

In the report, Pellegrini was said to be ‘increasingly frustrated’ at the continual leaks. But, in actual fact, the Chilean could not care less.

Asked if he is angry about the repeated leaks, Pellegrini replied: “No. First of all the news is not true, because I’m not angry about that.

“Normally in every team that I have managed, the day before the game, I work with set-pieces, so all the players know the day before who will play and who will not play.

Four defeats from their opening four games sees the Hammers rooted to the foot of the table

“So, many players can talk with other players. I’m not keeping the starting XI until three or four hours before the game.

“There are a lot of ways or reasons why some people can know the team before it is released.”

Pellegrini believes West Ham‘s opponents can gain little or no advantage from knowing his starting XI early, especially in the Premier League.

Asked if he knows the source of the leaks, Pellegrini said: “I don’t have any idea, I’m not worried about that.

“I’m worried about trying to win the points.”

And when quizzed on whether opponents stand to gain from the early information, Pellegrini continued: “I don’t think that is the most important thing.

“Maybe if you’re going to play against Chelsea, Watford, against Liverpool, you are sure that it will be the starting XI from the last game and they’ll play exactly the same way.

“So I don’t hide too much about the starting XI.”

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