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Truckload Of Military Uniforms Intercepted By Customs In Imo State

The Federal Operations Unit (Zone C) of the Nigeria Customs Service has intercepted a truck carrying military wears in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

The Comptroller of the Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘C’ Owerri, Olusemire Kayode, disclosed this to journalists on Friday that the uniforms were concealed in a truck loaded with household wares around the Onitsha Head Bridge in, Anambra state.

Kayode gave a breakdown of the intercepted consignments as including:
• 90 pairs of military camouflage uniform
• 97 pieces of military camouflage jungle hats
• 202 pieces of military camouflage round neck vest
• 20 pieces of military camouflage singlet
• 40 pieces of military camouflage jungle boots
• 10 pieces of military camouflage water bags
• Two (2) rolls of plain military khaki material
• 7 cartons of 402 packs of hydrochloride Royal tramadol containing 10x10x10 tablets made in India
• Four (4) cartons of 60 packs Tramadol injection, made in India
• Three (3) cartons of 140 packs of CSP with codeine cough syrup made in UK
• 100 packs of Diazepam made in India
• Two (2) cartons of 231 packs of Juhel D5 tablets
• One (1) carton of 100 packs of Pankizol
• Others are 10 cartons of new flip chart board, 51 cartons of lion school chalk, one carton of file.

Olusemire explained that the seizure was made possible following intelligence reports and the two suspects arrested in connection with the truck are already helping the agency with valid information.

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