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Horrified swimmers raced out in disgust after someone pooed in a pool

A swimming pool has been closed to the public after someone pooed in the water.

Horrified swimmers raced out in disgust after the number two was seen bobbing about.

The pool at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre in Sudbury, Suffolk, was evacuated and cleaners were sent in for a ‘thorough deep clean’.

Kingfisher Leisure Centre

The pool has been drained and the pool floor scrubbed (Picture: Kingfisher Leisure Centre)

Kingfisher Leisure Centre

The pool has been closed for a ‘deep’ clean (Picture: Kingfisher Leisure Centre)

Pool bosses are treating it as an ‘accidental discharge’ by one of the swimmers and don’t think it was done deliberately.

They urged people who had been in the pool between 3.40pm and 4pm yesterday, when the poo was spotted, to ‘shower thoroughly’ to avoid any risk of infection.

They said the pool will be thoroughly cleansed before re-opening at 6.30am on Thursday.

One local mum, Rachael Danbury, 33, who’d been at the leisure centre with her two-year-old son, said: ‘We weren’t in the pool but we heard a lot of commotion and then we heard that someone had pooed in the water.

‘People were getting out and rushing to the showers – obviously they were worried they might have picked up something from the excrement.

‘It was pretty foul. They’ve now said it was an accident, not done on purpose, but that’s not much consolation if you’re swimming in the pool and a floater goes past your nose.’

Leisure centre chiefs said: ‘Our swimming pool is currently closed to the public due to an unknown swimmer accidentally pooping in the water.

‘To ensure bather safety we will now follow the guidance issued by the Health and Safety Executive 179 Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools.

‘This will mean that we will be closed until 6:30am on Thursday 16th August.

‘If you were swimming with us today between 3:40pm and 4:00pm it is recommended that you shower thoroughly if you have not already done so.

‘Please note that Environmental Health have been notified of this incident.’

People went to social media to express their disgust after the incident.

Date: August 14 2018 Location: Sudbury, Suffolk, England. A popular swimming pool has been forced to close for more than two days after a mystery bather ???pooped??? in the water. The pool at Kingfisher Leisure Centre in Sudbury, Suffolk, has been put in lockdown after the disgusting find yesterday afternoon. Pictured: Google street view of the pool. Words: Essex News and Pictures.

The pool will re-open on Thursday (Picture: Eastnews Press Agency)

One wrote: ‘What sort of disgusting sub human allows themselves to defecate in a swimming pool?’

Richard Hay commented on Facebook: ‘I’ve been there twice last week and there’s been a floater each time… so with this one that’s 3 turd floaters in the last week and the life guard was told each time I was there and nothing was done.

thumbnail for post ID 7840336John Lennon and Paul McCartneys sons look just like them in rare selfie

‘Why now? And should of asked for my money back as my son didn’t fancy sharing the pool with a turd.’

Kingfisher Leisure Centre replied: ‘Good Question Richard. We deal with two types of faeces that can occur the pool. (Solid) which we use a net to extract from the pool and check that our disinfectant levels are within our parameters.

‘(Runny or loose) faeces which we have suspected today, where we have to clear the pool and run the pool water through 6 turnover cycles of our filtration , then back wash the filters and leave to settle. Our Pool takes 56 hours to complete this process. I hope this answers your question.

‘Another possibility, is that we have a common problem where the brown pebbles that form our tropical themed surroundings are often mistaken for poo in the water. I’d like to reassure you all reports of objects in the pool are taken very seriously by the staff.’

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