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Prince Has Died at the Age of 57

Prince Purple Rain

Few people left a mark on every facet of pop culture quite like Prince, the legendary artist who passed away today at age 57 of currently unknown causes.

Most may think of him first and foremost as a musician, but some of our favorite movies simply would not be the same were it not for Prince. His iconic songs have infiltrated countless soundtracks since the early 1980s, from silly family movies like My Stepmother Is an Alien to romantic comedies like Pretty Woman and even modern action movies like The Equalizer. Tim Burton’s Batman movie would not be quite as weird and quite as memorable were it not for Prince, whose music for Jack Nicholson’s Joker often became the perfect, colorful bow that tied that character together on the big screen.

And then of course there’s Purple Rain, a transcendent movie and music experience that understandably became one of the most beloved cult classics of all time after its release in 1984.

Prince will be missed by a legion of fans the world over, but his music will undoubtedly live on forever, particularly on the big screen. Here’s just a small sample of what he leaves behind.

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