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Deeney Ready To Make History

According to Troy Deeney, the FA cup clash against Crystal Palace is a chance for the player to make history.

Should Watford make it to the final, it will be the first time since 1984.

And Deeney believes a cup final berth added to their league success would see the current squad go down in Watford history.

“I was confident we would do well at the start of the season,” he told the club’s official website.

“But in terms of the FA Cup and the 41-point mark at this stage, then I would have bitten your hand off and I’m sure that’s the same for all the players and fans.

“But now we’re in this position, we don’t want to just tail off and say that was an alright season. Now we want to make it special.

“The word legend is banded around a lot in football but we’re actually in a position where we can make that happen, so that’s the biggest incentive.

“Forget money, forget prizes, you can be a Watford legend and I’m ready for that.

“This is now our time to make history.”

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