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England in Sri Lanka 2018 tour diary: On the road again

Day, er, um… actually, I have absolutely no idea – it’s November 10 anyway.

First up, apologies for the lack of diary updates for a while, as you might imagine it’s been somewhat full on what with the first Test – and what a match.

England players celebrate winning the Test in Galle.

England win away for the first time since Bangladesh in 2016, and they do it in Galle – the Sri Lankan stronghold – with a day to spare.
This was good news, as it meant we only needed our Bedouin commentary position four times. Now it’s done I don’t mind admitting I was properly nervous about this.

The weather has been a big talking point in Sri Lanka

The marquee we had for the match was actually the upgraded mark two version, and although it was more substantial than it’s predecessor even then it didn’t feel overly solid. Every night we’d have to tie it all back down, to try and make it as watertight and stormproof as possible for the inevitable bad weather.

Staggeringly we never had a problem, which considering the value of the kit that was inside it was a miracle – and all the more ironic if you remember we had to come off air early in Colombo for the Fifth ODI, when our box in a four-floor concrete media structure sprang a leak (honestly!).

The talkSPORT crew look comfortable in ‘Marquee Mark 2’

The fact that we got through that test without losing a single over to weather still astounds me. Actually on the subject of weather, we spent a lot of time talking about the heat in Galle and it finally dawned on me last night how I could best convey it to you.

I gather the central heating back home has gone on, I reckon most people will have it about 20/21c. Well the air conditioner in my room in Galle has been set at 24c. And let me tell you when you walk in after a day in the sun at the cricket, it feels like a freezer – so my room is probably warmer than yours, yet it’s sooooooo nice to get out of 30c+ with 80 per cent humidity.

Sadly tomorrow we leave Galle and head North for Pallekele. It’s sad we’re leaving – we all love this place, however the bigger picture is we’re sad about what’s ahead.

It’s only 150 miles, which on UK motorways is doable in around 2 hours – in Sri Lanka, the quickest that will be, non stop, is 5½ hours… in a car.

The talkSPORT fun bus will have a dozen people on it, plus all the luggage and kit, it’ll be pushing 7 hours. Glamorous huh?

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