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Detective attacked her colleague lover because she seasoned her food

A detective launched a violent attack on her colleague and lover after she put salt on her dinner.

The affair between two detective constables, Asweina Gutty and Sharon Etheridge, came to an end when Gutty assaulted Ms Etheridge on May 27.

Westminster Magistrates Court heard that the 34-year-old grabbed her lover’s throat and banged her head against a wall.

Asweina Gutty assaulted Sharon Etheridge during a night in at her home (Picture: Tony Palmer)

Gutty pleaded guilty to assault and will be sentenced on September 27.

When she saw Ms Etheridge putting salt on her food, Gutty screamed: ‘Are you for real? I’ve spent hours making fucking dinner and you’ve put fucking salt in it.’

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They then ate in silence until Ms Etheridge, a married mum, was about to go home.

Gutty told her: ‘Just walk away and do what you do best, go back to your nice house and fuck your husband.’

Prosecutor Edward Cohen said: ‘The defendant then grabbed her around the throat and pushed her back, causing Ms Etheridge to bang her head against the wall.

The detective will be sentenced on September 27 (Picture: Tony Palmer)

‘She tried to grab the defendant’s wrist and pull it away and was in a state of shock and her head banged against the wall for a second time.’

The two Scotland Yard detectives, who work in Tower Hamlets, met on the job last September and began an affair.

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Following the attack, Ms Etheridge told Gutty the attack was ‘not acceptable’ and left Gutty’s home, the court heard.

Mr Cohen said that as she walked to the car park, Ms Etheridge noticed the defendant following her, before telling her: ‘If you try and do me over I’ll come and find you.’

Within ten minutes, Gutty started bombarding the complainant with texts, phone calls and WhatsApp messages, the prosecutor added.

Westminster Magistrates' Court in London.

Ms Etheridge spoke out about the shocking case after the hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court (Picture: PA)

After the hearing, Ms Etheridge described an abusive, controlling relationship, and said Gutty had ‘anger and rage in her eyes’ on the night of the attack.

She said: ‘We had an extreme connection, we became inseparable, being with her was amazing. I loved her so much.

‘When my family found out I lost them, but if being with Asweina meant losing my family then so be it.’

Gutty would ‘scream at her’ if she couldn’t put shopping in a bag at the supermarket, Ms Etheridge said, and would call her ‘whore’, ‘slag’, and say ‘you white people’.

She added: ‘I never in a million years expected to be the victim of domestic abuse. I always thought it was something that happened to other people, not people like me.

‘I loved her so much, but the monster within her is more dominant than the loving woman I fell in love with.’

Gutty claims she suffers from PTSD which was triggered by her exposure to disturbing incidents in her police work.

She is currently on restricted part-time duties with the Met.

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